Updates on Hannah

So my posts have been observational and topical, thought I should share some updates in a positive light!

  • At her 3 week checkup Hannah was up to 9 lbs 1 oz, we’re thinking she’s probably getting closer to 10 lbs
  • She has grown an inch and her legs are getting too long for her pajamas. We’re going to have to cut holes in the toes or buy new ones. She’s in the 95th percentile for length. Her head is also in the 95th percentile. Smart kid, got her mom’s brains obviously.
  • She’s eating great, every couple of hours. We started her on a bottle, with me giving her 1 each night. After trying several we’ve found one she likes (Avent).
  • Her neck is getting stronger, she’s picking her head up for a few seconds when she’s on her belly. We’ve put her in a Bumbo chair a couple of times and while it looks like she’s struggling to keep the bowling ball up.
  • Sleep isn’t really her favorite thing. Often she’ll pass out during/right after a feeding, but if she skips a nap then she gets tired and cranky for the next few hours and seems to fight off sleep. Combined with gas and other bodily functions she just isn’t real comfortable towards the end of the day/early evening. We’re getting a couple hours of sleep at a time, but really are looking forward to when she goes 6-8 straight!
  • If she’s crying it’s because she’s hungry or cranky, and that’s about it. For the most part she’s a pretty happy baby and she really behaves herself around everyone else, so no one believes us when we tell them we’ve had some pretty rough nights!

All in all, we’re so blessed to have her in our life. We know we’ll get through the rough patches and cannot wait to see how she grows and develops!


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I’m going to need a Chiropractor

Why didn’t anyone tell us babies have a 6th sense? Actually, I think they have a 7th, 8th, 9th…we may not give them enough credit…however, the one I’m referring to is their sense of elevation. Despite the experts warning us to not get into the habit of rocking/swaying/jostling our baby to sleep, as any parent can attest, sometimes you just don’t have a choice. At some point everyone’s gotta get some shut eye, no matter how it happens (if you’re desperate you can always call Dr. Conrad Murray…just make sure you take away his cell phone). While there are not too many things I love more than holding Hannah in my arms and cuddling her as she drifts off, I’m afraid I’m doing irreparable damage to my spine. What I mean is, I can be standing and moving around while holding her and she’ll doze off, but unless she is completely zonked, whenever I sit down her eyes pop open like she just received a shot of adrenaline. If I don’t hop up immediately and remain seated she’s certain to complain. If I get up and move around she’ll fade back into sleepytown. Sit back down. She’s awake. Stand back up. Back to sleep. I’m like yo-yo. Even if I’m careful not to change my hand position or her angle, no matter if I keep her moving and covered (or uncovered if that’s her current preference); I even hold my breath and stifle my sneezes…I could be balancing a dictionary on my head I’m moving so carefully…it never fails that she knows I just got slightly less uncomfortable and she’s not having that. “Sorry Dad, I know your back feels like it’s being stabbed in 20 places with a hot knife, but I’m going to need you to go ahead remain standing for another 20-30 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Now, I really shouldn’t complain, because Sam spends all day doing this dance with Hannah, and combined with the bi-hourly hunched over breastfeedings, her discomfort likely far surpasses mine. However, I’m a wuss. Also, I really need to pace myself, because I know my future fatherly duties are going to consist of daily lifting, throwing, tossing, flipping and horseback riding (me being the horse) and she’s not getting any lighter.

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What goes down must come up


Sam and I were talking the other day about something that surprised us, but probably shouldn’t have. It’s a well known, but well kept dirty little secret…babies spew. Often. Apparently Sam did. I did. Our nephews did. I guess I remember Monica &  Mariah doing it, but not to this extent. Our friends’, co-workers’, neighbors’, other family members’ kids did. “It’s normal” everyone says. Hannah is no exception (here’s one of her warning faces) and well, it really seems far from normal to us. Sometimes it’s a little teaspoon of white chunky drool. Occasionally it’s a projectile burst (us: “how did she even have that much milk in her body…is she going to dehydrate on the spot?!?!”). And wouldn’t you know it, every time it happens it misses the burp cloth. I’m going to invent an article of clothing made out of burp cloth. Something easy to slip in and out of, like painter’s coveralls or a poncho. It could come in all sorts of styles (crew neck, v-neck, tank top, tuxedo tee, fishnet – sorry for that one) and colors (from egg shell white to pearl white to milk white to cream to well you get it…though we may have to expand our color options for parents of children who consume more than just milk and rice cereal). We’ve learned very quickly that stained clothing is a rite of passage. You’ve all been through it, and we probably made fun of you – “what a slob, walking around with a stain on her shirt”…and well, we’re part of the stain gang now too. Awesome.

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Be Right Back

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to realize this new thing they call parenthood is like a strong cocktail (mmm Crown good). Pour yourself into a completely unfamiliar, life-changing situation, add a shot of sheer terror, splashes of apprehension and self-doubt, and a twist of disarray…then top it off with about a liter of exhaustion. Doesn’t matter how you shake it, stir it, or blend it, the result is inevitably going to be intoxicating – and I don’t mean “we’re going streaking” intoxicated, more like zoned out damn near zombie feeling (without the eating people part).

We have not been exempt to this feeling and it’s taking its toll, particularly in the wallet. On multiple occasions I’ve made trips to the store and made purchases that were either impulsive and unneeded (made out of panic), excessive (Hannah only has one mouth), or just flat-out the wrong item. One example, Hannah was scratching her face a bunch because, you know, she has the motor control of a drunken seal, so I insisted that she needs 400 shirts with the hand covers on them and when she’s wearing short sleeves she needs mittens on. I can’t have my baby looking like Scarface. I went to Target and bought a bunch of stuff, but within a couple of hours her nails were trimmed and she wasn’t touching her face nearly as much. Also, Sam thought they were like putting Hannah in little restraints (to Sam’s defense, Hannah disliked them as well). The mittens are now moot.

Countless times and at all hours I’ve found myself standing in the baby section at Meijer or WalMart or Target, staring at stuff trying to decide if we have enough of this, will that solve a particular problem, asking a worker “excuse me, where’s the sleep gun they had on Green Hornet?” When you’re on a couple of hours of sleep you really don’t care how much something is or whether it’s completely necessary, you’re just thinking about how you can get home to make your baby (and wife) happy and squeeze in another hour or two of sleep.

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Well…I’m a Dad.

Three words I’ve always imagined saying. Someday. When I met Sam and then was finally able to conviImagence her that this goofball living in Indy was worth the time and effort, I started to feel like that day was getting just a little bit closer. We fell in love, took a couple of vacations, she moved to Indy, life started settling down a bit. Then we got married, jetted off to Aruba and made “history.” After a long 9 months (certainly felt even longer for Sam), the day has come. On June 27, 2012, Hannah Marie Pickett was born and we became parents to someone other than a cute little weiner-beagle puppy. We were blessed with a beautiful, precious, amazing little angel.

Everyone says it’s life-changing, and it certainly is, but not in that TAAA-DAAA-bright-spotlight-shining-down-from-the-heavens-immediate-sudden-revelation way that you expect. To me it’s been a subtle process. Watching the doctor tug Hannah out of Sam like when Harry Dunne’s tongue was stuck to the ski lift. Squeezing Sam and holding my breath waiting to hear our baby’s first sound. Fighting back tears as they squeegeed Hannah off and suctioned her dry. Releasing those tears upon seeing Sam hold our baby for the first time. Awkwardly helping the nurse give Hannah her first bath. All the poop and piss and crying. And all of Hannah’s poop and piss and crying. Staring at Hannah, watching her sleep. Seeing her big new eyes gaze around at seemingly nothing and everything at the same time. Each of these moments are new memories, and it’s tough to shake them, like little bouncy balls in my brain (on second thought, maybe I should see a doctor). I look forward to creating new memories with my family every single day.

As I think back over the past week, the only real sudden feeling I remember is being innately protective. The slowest, bumpiest drive home in history, introducing her to Cleo’s kisses, carefully carrying her down the stairs, attempting to not break any of her limbs putting her clothes on her, balancing her on top of the fridge while I grab a beer (gotta have two hands to open it duh, don’t judge) (OK, I didn’t do that)…but the point is, every little movement, sound and breath has me on the edge of my seat. It’s an overwhelming combination of stress and LOVE. It’s new and will take some getting used to, but man, what an amazing journey we’ve begun.

By the way, Sam was absolutely amazing through the birthing process, she’s friggin’ strong. Couple of pushes into it and they were telling the doctor to get her ass in the room, baby’s ready to go! Sam is going to be the most amazing, caring, loving, fun, protective, smart and HOT mom around. No doubt about that. And no offense to the other billion moms out there, including our own, who are awesome, you are all awesome.

Stay tuned, I feel like this is going to be quite the adventure, so I’ll try to jot some thoughts and musings down as we go if anyone cares to read them.

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