What goes down must come up


Sam and I were talking the other day about something that surprised us, but probably shouldn’t have. It’s a well known, but well kept dirty little secret…babies spew. Often. Apparently Sam did. I did. Our nephews did. I guess I remember Monica &  Mariah doing it, but not to this extent. Our friends’, co-workers’, neighbors’, other family members’ kids did. “It’s normal” everyone says. Hannah is no exception (here’s one of her warning faces) and well, it really seems far from normal to us. Sometimes it’s a little teaspoon of white chunky drool. Occasionally it’s a projectile burst (us: “how did she even have that much milk in her body…is she going to dehydrate on the spot?!?!”). And wouldn’t you know it, every time it happens it misses the burp cloth. I’m going to invent an article of clothing made out of burp cloth. Something easy to slip in and out of, like painter’s coveralls or a poncho. It could come in all sorts of styles (crew neck, v-neck, tank top, tuxedo tee, fishnet – sorry for that one) and colors (from egg shell white to pearl white to milk white to cream to well you get it…though we may have to expand our color options for parents of children who consume more than just milk and rice cereal). We’ve learned very quickly that stained clothing is a rite of passage. You’ve all been through it, and we probably made fun of you – “what a slob, walking around with a stain on her shirt”…and well, we’re part of the stain gang now too. Awesome.


July 18, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Observations and musings.

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