Updates on Hannah

So my posts have been observational and topical, thought I should share some updates in a positive light!

  • At her 3 week checkup Hannah was up to 9 lbs 1 oz, we’re thinking she’s probably getting closer to 10 lbs
  • She has grown an inch and her legs are getting too long for her pajamas. We’re going to have to cut holes in the toes or buy new ones. She’s in the 95th percentile for length. Her head is also in the 95th percentile. Smart kid, got her mom’s brains obviously.
  • She’s eating great, every couple of hours. We started her on a bottle, with me giving her 1 each night. After trying several we’ve found one she likes (Avent).
  • Her neck is getting stronger, she’s picking her head up for a few seconds when she’s on her belly. We’ve put her in a Bumbo chair a couple of times and while it looks like she’s struggling to keep the bowling ball up.
  • Sleep isn’t really her favorite thing. Often she’ll pass out during/right after a feeding, but if she skips a nap then she gets tired and cranky for the next few hours and seems to fight off sleep. Combined with gas and other bodily functions she just isn’t real comfortable towards the end of the day/early evening. We’re getting a couple hours of sleep at a time, but really are looking forward to when she goes 6-8 straight!
  • If she’s crying it’s because she’s hungry or cranky, and that’s about it. For the most part she’s a pretty happy baby and she really behaves herself around everyone else, so no one believes us when we tell them we’ve had some pretty rough nights!

All in all, we’re so blessed to have her in our life. We know we’ll get through the rough patches and cannot wait to see how she grows and develops!


July 28, 2012. Tags: , , . Updates.

One Comment

  1. Jacquelyn Thompson replied:

    Love the Blog, Jake! So cool to see the dad’s view of all the love and chaos! I remember those cranky/sleepless days too easily! It gets better (which is hard too imagine when your already so in love and so tired) in the mean time, gas drops are a life saver. We used them daily! Can’t wait to keep hearing your view! Congrats, again!

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