New kind of multi-tasking

I’m attempting a triple feat for the ages. Simultaneously rocking Hannah to sleep, drafting my fantasy football team and blogging about it. Why? Well because if you know Sam and me then you know we always try to do too many things at once! Like get married, get pregnant, get new jobs and move cities all in the span of 3 months. We like to keep ourselves on our toes.

The present situation is the draft starts in 8 minutes, Hannah was just about  asleep when she just started wriggling around, likely in an attempt to soil her diaper with a hot stinky mess.

3 minutes to go and she’s back to almost sleep, no pooping occurred.

9:45pm – Got my beer, my laptop, a burp rag, a baby and a binky. Ready to start drafting. And to think a year ago this time I had my beer, my laptop, and some pizza…my how things change!

Made my first couple selections with no interruptions, way to be a team player Hannah. Another pleasant surprise was getting Larry Fitzgerald and Wes Welker in rounds 3 and 4. How does that happen?

Uh oh, Hannah is up again. Should have put her down when I had the chance. She’s a feisty sleeper sometimes. Can’t tell if she’s dreaming about wrestling a bear or just bearing down. May need some Nyquil, I can’t be distracted right now, the middle rounds are crucial.

Made it through the middle rounds and now she’s in bed. Not quite sound asleep, but close enough. While I was away from my computer several of my targets were taken. Normally that would upset me, but my priorities have shifted. Now I’ll just be upset if the dog barks or I drop a glass.

Completed the draft, luckily she didn’t wake up again. Glad she’s sleeping, I should be doing the same. Too tired for any more commentary or to add any links. Good night.

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Burning the mid-evening oil

You’re not going to believe this, but it’s after 10pm, Hannah is in bed, and I am not. I’m going to regret it in the morning I’m sure, but sometimes you just have to rebel. I told our realtor the other night Sam and I were headed to bed at 9:30 and he just laughed – his youngest is 2 so these days are behind him – sleep is just so precious right now for all of us. Hannah has actually been sleeping relatively well lately. She’s going down, occasionally with a bit of a fight, between 9-10pm and staying asleep for several hours, feeding, then giving us a few more hours. Most nights. So I can’t really complain. Probably not tonight though because I likely just jinxed it (UPDATE: I totally jinxed it. Spent the night hunting a mouse, killing spiders, cleaning up dog puke, letting the sick dog in and out, and swaddling and re-swaddling little Houdini).

This is another one of those things we just didn’t anticipate. Yes, everyone talks about sleep deprivation and how you have to take advantage of opportunities, and we’ve felt that, but naively, we didn’t expect it to include the weekends. Not sure why, it’s not like she knows it’s the weekend and is going to sleep in for us. But still, when Hannah goes to bed Sam and I look at each other and we don’t even have to say a word – we both know we want to stay up and watch a movie or just hang out together on the couch, but we have to get to bed. We’re exhausted. And we know tomorrow is going to get here really quickly. So basically what people that are expecting should know is that for the first few months you will advance in age by about 50 years. Pretty soon we’re going to be eating dinner at 4pm, watching the local news, complaining about those darn kids on our lawn and the whole damn family will be in diapers. Awesome.

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