Knowing how to blow your nose should not be taken for granted

Little Hannah has reached a new milestone, though it’s one we weren’t looking forward to. She came down with her first cold. Of course, as things tend to go with us, she started showing symptoms the same weekend we were moving into our newly purchased home. As happy as we were to be getting our own place again, we couldn’t fully embrace it because we have never had a sick child before. Naturally, we took every precaution, checked her temp every 15 minutes, made sure she was getting enough to eat, counted and examined every diaper and even purchased a little Swedish contraption that allows us to suck the snot right out of her nose. Yes, that exists. I refused to participate at first due to the perfectly logical and rational fear of ingesting my child’s mucus (no matter how much I love her I have to draw the line somewhere!)…however, once I realized the only way the stuff is getting all the way through the tube to my mouth is if I hooked it up to a shop vac, I decided I could contribute some lung capacity. As terrible as it sounds, we’d actually recommend the thing, combined with saline drops it really does help clear out the nose better than a bulb (and it’s supposedly less irritating for the baby’s nose…though Hannah may not agree). OK, enough product pitching, that’s not the point of the post. Not that I ever really have a point.

It started with a stuffier than usual nose and she pretty much didn’t do anything for a couple of days other than sleep and eat. Her fever got over 100 a couple of times, but not by much, so the doctor didn’t want us to bring her in. Regardless of how many times we called. Which was a lot. And I’m fine with that. One thing I read prior to Hannah‘s birthday was that you shouldn’t hesitate to call the doctor’s office if you think there’s a problem. Better to go with your gut and annoy a nurse than to sit around wondering and worrying all the time. I’m sure as we become more seasoned we’ll be able to figure some things out on our own, but right now we’re rookies and we’re not ashamed of it. She’s not out of the woods yet by any means, but so far we’ve been lucky. At Hannah’s age, just 3-4 months, the potential is there for it to get so much worse. Poor Sam is a little more…shall we say cautious…than me. Part of that is due to her huge sensitive, loving heart. Also contributing is the fact that she’s a nurse and sees worst-case scenarios on a daily basis. Maybe it’s just me, but I think one of the fortunate things about being a guy is we tend to under-react and have a bit more tolerance when it comes to stuff like this. On second thought, I hope it’s not just me…I don’t think I’m just insensitive and cold! I care, I swear! It’s just easier for me to not dwell on it. Sam can just stare at Hannah for hours constantly checking her vitals and meanwhile I’m trying figure out what’s for dinner and why the hell the Yankees can’t hit all of a sudden.

Like I said, it’s not completely gone. Hannah’s still got some congestion and drainage. She snores away, sounding like a little pug when she sleeps. She also seems to be spitting up/puking more than usual, so we’re really looking forward to our next appointment with the doc in a couple of weeks. He has no choice but to see us then, it’s state law! Until then we’re just going to keep sucking her snot, playing CSI with her diapers and hugging and kissing those stupid germs right out of her!

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