Walk this way!

Milestones are awesome. First smile. First tooth. First full night’s sleep! However, not every achievement is easily marked. For instance, what defines “walking?” Is it just a couple of consecutive steps? Or, perhaps it’s making it across the room without falling? We may not know the Imageexact date of when Hannah started walking, but she’s certainly doing it, and there’s no cuter thing in the world (to us) than watching her stagger around with her hands up and a big smile on her face like a drunken little T-Rex that just got her fingernails painted. Someone must have shown her footage of me stumbling home from the bars in Muncie because she walks just like her daddy!

We’ve been warned about the Pandora’s box that opens up when little tykes start trekking on two feet, but who actually comprehends what they’re being told when it comes to first-time parenting? It’s just so damn exciting to see them learn something new. Nothing is safe from here on out though…we already lost a laptop after it jumped off the kitchen table with the help of a flailing little hand. Her ability to grab a dangling cord while being whisked around the dining room on her Fisher Price race car was extremely impressive, I have to admit!

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