M&M’s will never taste the same

7823DD17-AAD6-4F17-A473-89EC720AEB72_zpsrrrbmria (1)A few weeks ago, about a month after her 2nd birthday, Hannah started showing signs of being ready for potty training. She’d pull at her diaper and say something to that resembled “change diaper” and she showed interest in using the little pink toilet that we had sitting in the bathroom. One of my favorite stories that I’ll be telling until I can no longer talk is the first time she actually took off her pants and diaper and went into the bathroom because she knew she had to potty – she proceeded to put her hands on the wall, lean forward, and spread eagle over the toilet so she could “pee like daddy.” She was about as accurate as me too.

Because our beloved sitter Vicki wasn’t up for potty training toddlers (she had 2 others in her care) we decided to expedite the inevitable and enroll Hannah into daycare about a month and a half earlier than we planned. This wasn’t an easy decision, for many reasons, not least of which was the fact that we’d soon be paying about 50 more dollars a week at a daycare compared to what we were paying for in-home care. However, because it’s all about the munchkin and no longer about the Benjamins, we got her signed up and enrolled. After a series of snafus with our first choice (to put it nicely) we pulled a switcheroo, and now we’re loving her current “school.” (I know Joan will read this – we love your school as well and may end up there at some point 🙂 )

Hannah is now at Grace Point’s Kiddie Prep School and doing great. They are very hands-on with the potty training. We’re a week in and she’s having 1-2 accidents per day, usually one at school and one at home. It’s not going to happen overnight, we understand that, so it’s a fairly taxing ordeal. Every time we go through things like this I have more and more respect for my brother and sister-in-law – man, I just cannot imagine doing all this x2 with twins.

While the daycare is successful with getting Hannah to sit on the throne using stickers as collateral, we’ve resorted to mini M&M’s, fruit snacks, candy corn, whatever it takes. And talk about a rampant little mind – all I want her to do is take a leak and Hannah goes from being engrossed in Little Mermaid to dancing to dropping her drawers in the bathroom and sitting for half a second to running around the family room giggling pants-less to back to sitting on the potty for 3 seconds then to a meltdown about Ducky not being with her then another meltdown about Mommy not being in the room…then finally finishing that potty session. And this is every 30-45 minutes. Exhausting.

Something no one tells you until you’re in the thick of it is that it’s called “potty” training and not “potty and poop” training for a reason. That’s because apparently learning how to drop a deuce on a toilet is not the easiest thing for a 2 year old to grasp – even one that’s related to me! Not surprisingly, it’s much more comfortable, natural, and satisfying to just let it go in your diaper, or now in our case, undies. There really aren’t too many messier situations than changing a poo-filled pull-up diaper or size 4T underwear. It’s become second nature with the regular Pampers – just undo the velcro, lift the butt, and slide the diaper right out. Now, it’s much more complicated than that with pull-ups or panties. And by complicated, I mean shit gets everywhere. Maybe I’m just bad at it, but it gets on her legs, feet, my hands, the changing pad, the dresser, everywhere. A couple of times I’ve felt like the kid in Slumdog Millionaire who really wants that autograph.

We’re looking at the bright side, though. We really don’t want to have two in diapers at the same time. And the second one will be here before we know it (the OB’s crystal ball says March 10 as a matter of fact!)…so no pressure or anything Hannah. She’s well on her way, but we know there’s a long way to go, and this road isn’t exactly paved with gold.

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New kind of multi-tasking

I’m attempting a triple feat for the ages. Simultaneously rocking Hannah to sleep, drafting my fantasy football team and blogging about it. Why? Well because if you know Sam and me then you know we always try to do too many things at once! Like get married, get pregnant, get new jobs and move cities all in the span of 3 months. We like to keep ourselves on our toes.

The present situation is the draft starts in 8 minutes, Hannah was just about  asleep when she just started wriggling around, likely in an attempt to soil her diaper with a hot stinky mess.

3 minutes to go and she’s back to almost sleep, no pooping occurred.

9:45pm – Got my beer, my laptop, a burp rag, a baby and a binky. Ready to start drafting. And to think a year ago this time I had my beer, my laptop, and some pizza…my how things change!

Made my first couple selections with no interruptions, way to be a team player Hannah. Another pleasant surprise was getting Larry Fitzgerald and Wes Welker in rounds 3 and 4. How does that happen?

Uh oh, Hannah is up again. Should have put her down when I had the chance. She’s a feisty sleeper sometimes. Can’t tell if she’s dreaming about wrestling a bear or just bearing down. May need some Nyquil, I can’t be distracted right now, the middle rounds are crucial.

Made it through the middle rounds and now she’s in bed. Not quite sound asleep, but close enough. While I was away from my computer several of my targets were taken. Normally that would upset me, but my priorities have shifted. Now I’ll just be upset if the dog barks or I drop a glass.

Completed the draft, luckily she didn’t wake up again. Glad she’s sleeping, I should be doing the same. Too tired for any more commentary or to add any links. Good night.

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