Say Cheesepickles!

Sam and I have a super power. It’s not going to last forever, maybe months, hopefully years, but for right now we have this power and we’re going to abuse it. We can’t fly or bend steel or even shoot spider webs (though if Sam had that power she would probably cut off her own hands). We do kind of have x-ray vision, but it only applies to diapers, though that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to our ability to get Hannah to smile simply by making eye contact. It isn’t 100% automatic. When she’s sleepy or hungry or gassy or distracted and/or just NOT in the mood. But usually when she sees one of our faces she gets the biggest grin, it’s 100% impossible to not return it. In the first few weeks of her life the only smiles we got were when she was about to fill her diaper with something smelly, whether it was a colorful collection of crap or a colorless, but certainly not odorless, gas. It’s always hard to pinpoint when she starts or stops doing something. I’m terrible with dates, but it’s quite possible Sam remembers the date and time of Hannah’s first smile. I do know that, despite the fact that she just went to the doctor for shots (she no longer hates us), for the past couple of weeks whenever she looks at us she cracks a smile. And we love it. Often it’s our favorite, a big ol’ toothless beam. We can never, ever get enough of those. We find ourselves making the weirdest noises and faces just to get another one. Occasionally, she’s smiling when we don’t want her to. Why in the world would you ever not want your child to be smiling, you ask? I’ll tell you when. When it’s midnight and she (and I) should be in bed, but instead she’s just staring up at me, playfully cheesing away. That means she’s wide awake and is either going to keep playing, or if I’m not cooperating, cry till her mom comes to the rescue. I try to avoid looking directly at her, because according to something I read, and I believe it, making eye contact with a baby is the equivalent of giving him/her a cup of coffee. But how can I not? So instead I try to outsmart her by keeping my head facing the TV or my phone, but peek out of the corner of my eye. Or, another “trick” I try so I can sneak a peak – my face is down toward her, but I’m squinting my eyes so it looks like I’m asleep. It doesn’t work. She just smiles even bigger and starts riding her invisible bicycle. Ever tried to smile with your mouth full? Well somehow she can even smile with her pacifier in, so it just hangs there like Winston Churchill’s cigar. When she pulls that it’s difficult to suppress a chuckle or two.

We are extremely blessed to have a happy, healthy baby, and we’re very grateful. Some updates: She’s up to 13 lbs and is long. According to the doctor’s chart, her head is not small. She’s managing to hold it up quite a bit though, she’s extremely curious and just wants to look around at everything. She recognizes certain voices and she really loves her Grandmas. We know these moments aren’t going to last forever. There is going to come a time when we she won’t smile at us no matter what we do. That being the case, please forgive me for not having written for awhile, I’ve got a baby to stare at!

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